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Can I create a deck if I don't have a family tree on a genealogy site? - OurCards

If I don’t have a family tree, can I still create a deck?

This is probably the most common question of all and the simple answer is, “YOU BET!!!”

To make a deck without having a family tree on one of the genealogy sites, we’ve implemented an optional “Auto Assign” feature. This allows you to:

  1. Indicate how many people you’d like to automatically assign to cards (52, 26 or 13)
  2. Choose which photos to include
  3. Add the names of the people to each photo

Auto Assign is automatically enabled when you choose “Create Manually” from the Source drop down.

NOTE: If you don’t want to use this Auto-Assign feature, simply click the tan “CANCEL” button and you’ll be presented with a screen of blank cards. To add data and photos to a card, simply mouse over the card, click the Pencil icon and update each one manually .

In order to click the “NEXT” button (above) you need to select an equal number of photos for the number of people you include on cards (in the example above, we indicated 26 people would be assigned so 26 photos must be selected before we can click “NEXT”),

After clicking “NEXT”, you’ll be led to the following screen where you’ll simply add the person’s name to their photo. OurCards then automatically (and randomly) assigns the people to cards. Afterward, you can update each card with whatever data you feel appropriate (birth year, spouse’s name, etc.) by clicking on the card’s edit (Pencil) icon.