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How Do I Create a Deck (detailed instructions)? - OurCards

How Do I Create a Deck?

1 OurCards is a new product, so it may not be intuitive to you. Assuming you’ve received a userid and password, you’ll want to login and navigate to: “My Stuff

2. Here you’ll select +CREATE NEW DECK

3. The 4 Steps: In the next window, you’ll see a banner that describes the 4 steps you’ll take to design and purchase your deck. They include, “Assign People”, “Design Back”, “Design Box” and “Check Out”. When you start your deck, you’ll be in the “Assign People” step.

4. Name your deck (we named ours “Smith Family Deck”) and click the check mark. Every update or change you make is Auto-saved by OurCards (there’s no need to save your changes).

5. Select the card style from one of 4 different options (just click on the one you prefer – you can change it at any time). The first three are very family tree oriented and include pre-formatted fields related to genealogy (Birth year, Location, Spouse’s Name, etc.). On these cards, the Aces and Jokers only have 1 photo, but all other cards include 2 photos. The 4th style – Generic – includes only 1 photo and allows you to include up to 160 characters of text.

6. Select the Source: If you have a family tree on a genealogy site, here’s where you’ll select it. OurCards integrates with all major family tree providers. If you don’t have a family tree on any of these sites, you can choose, “Create Manually” or “Facebook” (to include Facebook friends on your cards). Here’s a link describing how to “Create Manually” (i.e. create a deck without a family tree)

Once you select your source, we’ve published videos that help to walk you through the process to import your family tree from that genealogy site. Smart Assign – an Optional feature of OurCards. It automatically and intelligently assigns people to cards when you’ve uploaded a family tree. You simply indicate the primary person in your deck, the card you’d like to assign him/her to and Smart Assign determines their closest relatives and assigns the cards automatically for you. Here’s additional information on how it works.

7. Drag and Drop: Once you’ve imported your people data (you’ll see them on the list on the right), you can begin to drag and drop people from the list to the card of your choice. In addition to their name and photos, their biographical data will automatically appear on the card as well.

8. Copy, Edit, Clear: If you mouse over a card, you’ll see 3 icons. You can edit the details of a person after assigning them to a card by clicking the “Pencil” icon, copy their data to another card by clicking the “Copy” icon or “Clear” (unassign) them from a card by clicking the “Trash Can” icon (their name/data isn’t deleted, it’s simply moved back to the “People List” on the right). If you chose to, “Create Manually”, you can manually assign people to a card by clicking the pencil.


Note – if you’re creating your deck on mobile, you’ll see a 4th icon, “+Assign” which allows you to assign a person from your family tree.

9. Edit or Upload Photo(s): If you edit the details of a card (by clicking on its “Pencil”), you’ll be directed to the following display, where you can upload or crop that person’s photo. Photos in OurCards are managed in your album – to learn more about managing your photo album, click here.

10. Show Optional Fields: If you’ve uploaded your family tree from a genealogy tree (Ancestry, MyHeritage, etc.), many of these optional fields will be populated with data you imported. You can edit it as necessary.

If you’re manually creating your tree, you can display the fields you’d like to update by clicking the box next to it (see above). If a box is not selected, it will not display on your card (even if it includes text).

11. Choose a New Suit: If you’re done assigning people to cards in one suit, you can select a new suit from the drop down in the top left corner of the display. Again, no need to save your changes, OurCards Auto-Saves every update. Don’t forget to update the Jokers – they’re found in that same suit selector.

12. Validation: When you’ve completed assigning people and editing their content, click “REVIEW & CONTINUE” and OurCards will begin to step through a “Validation” step (seen below).

We want to be sure you’re thrilled with your cards, so we check to see if any of your cards are simply blank (i.e. no assignment was made) or the assignments are missing birth years, photos, parent names, etc. You’re able to ignore these issues (by clicking, “IGNORE” or “IGNORE ALL”), but we’ve found that this step really helps people to feel more comfortable with their final product.

13. Design Back: Once the Validation step is completed, you’re led to the “Design Back” phase. The default back design is a photo collage of people you assigned to cards, but you can instead upload your own photo, or select a country flag.

You’re also offered the option to add two family names (as shown).  This step is much more straightforward and shouldn’t take more than a minute to complete. Note – if you accept the default collage, you cannot edit the photos that are included (here’s a link describing which photos are included in the collage).

14.  Design Box: The next step is to design your box. Again, this is very straightforward (and probably easier than designing the back!). The same options are available for the box as are available for the back and the default is to simply display what you included on the back of your cards.

15. Check Out: The final step is to check out and purchase your deck. If you’ve bought something on line, this step should be pretty straightforward as well.

We hope this “How to” describes the process of creating your own deck – we understand there are several steps, but we hope that it can be an enjoyable process and we’re confident the final product will be worth the effort!