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How Does the Photo Album Work? - OurCards
OurCards wants to let you work efficiently. Our clients indicate they like the opportunity to assemble multiple photos at a time, then assign them to the cards of their choice. The photo album allows users to do just that. To add or edit an existing photo, click the card’s edit (“Pencil”) icon then click the “Camera” icon shown below.




When prompted, select “Upload Image” to open the photo album.

The following dialog box appears. If you want to add images to your album, you can click the “+UPLOAD IMAGE(S)” button (shown below) to upload up to 104 photos at a time to your album. Your album can accommodate a total of 200 photos. You can also upload photos from Facebook by clicking that button.

Note – if you need to add other photos, but you’ve reached the 200 photo limit, you’ll need to remove photos from your album. Don’t worry, if you’ve already assigned a photo to a card, removing it from the album will NOT remove it from the card.


To add a photo from the album to the card, simply click the photo of your choice. OurCards automatically opens that photo in the cropping tool to allow you to edit it  (see below). Once cropped, your photo is displayed onto the card. Here’s a trick to using the cropping tool – if the photo appears larger than the screen that you’re displaying to, you can scroll down to the buttons by positioning your mouse cursor outside the cropping tool area and use your mouse’s scroll wheel to scroll up or down. To increase/decrease the size of the image, keep the mouse inside the crop area and scroll up/down with your mouse’s scroll wheel.