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How to start Your Deck - OurCards

How to start your deck?

  1. LogIn to OurCards, go to MyStuff (you can find that on the menu) and click on “Create a Deck
  2. Name your deck and select a style: Use “Freestyle” if you want to create a deck from scratch. Use “Family Tree” if you have a tree built on one of many genealogy sites.
  3. Select your source (if building a “Family Tree” deck): Indicate which genealogy site you’ll import your family tree from. Once imported, you can drag and drop people to the card of your choice.
  4. If you chose a “Freestyle” deck design: The Auto Assign process will guide you through the process to upload pictures and the names of the people you’d like to include.
  5. If you want to Edit a card, just mouse over it and click on its Pencil icon.

Don’t have photos for all your people? Check out these helpful hints

Need more information on how to build a deck, there are plenty of other helpful entries in our Q&A folder