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How do I swap two people between cards? - OurCards

If you would like to swap the places of 2 different people you’ve already assigned to cards, you can do so using the “Swap” command. Swap allows you to move Person 1 (including their data and photographs) to the card that is currently assigned to Person 2, and vice versa. This is helpful when you’ve already edited and defined all the data for a person and you don’t want to delete it but simply re-assign it to a different card which is already assigned to someone else.

First, mouse over the card you’d like to swap and select the copy icon.

Then choose the card you’d like to swap with (in the selection below, the 10 of hearts) and click on “Swap Cards”.

OurCards also allows you to Copy a card and paste it to a different card (without swapping the data). Here’s how to Copy.