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OurCards' Performance Seems Slow - OurCards

The performance of any application is a complex issue and is dependent on many variables. At OurCards, we’re constantly striving to make your end user experience more enjoyable and there’s no question, application speed is one of the most important components of that. As with any application that allows you to upload photos (which, by their nature, are large), performance can be a challenge.

The most important component of any application’s response time is the bandwidth that you’re using to connect. The bandwidth relates to the “width of the pipe” that allows data and files to travel from your computer to the servers where OurCards is located – the lower the bandwidth, the slower the speed.

You can check your device’s connection speed to the internet using this SPEEDTEST┬álink (from Ookla). When prompted, click “GO” and the system will check your Download and Upload connection speeds.