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What if I don't have a photo for everyone in my deck? - OurCards

What if I Don’t Have Enough Photos?

One of the most common challenges for OurCards clients is that they don’t have pictures for everyone in their deck. OurCards’ goal is to help its clients share their stories, so it’s not necessary to include an exact photo of every family member. Consider the following if you’re short on photos:Include a Memento of that Person: If your Grandmother loved to wear fancy hats, or if your Great Uncle walked with a cane, include a representative photo of that on their card (if you don’t have the original item a reasonable facsimile will do). Maybe they loved their pets, or enjoyed riding horses – include a picture of something you’ve discovered that meant a great deal to them.

Download a Picture of the House They Grew Up In: If you’ve found their childhood home, look up that house’s address on or – you may very well find a picture of that house. You can then simply download that picture and use it on your card. Google Maps‘ street view is also VERY good for such a lookup.

Include a Photo of their Work: If you knew your great grandfather was a blacksmith, include a photo of an anvil. If your great aunt was a suffragette, Google “Images of Suffragettes” and you’ll find dozens of useful images. 


Paid Sources:  and allows its clients to search their database of yearbook photos – it’s very possible you’ll find images there if they graduated from a US high school within the last 50 years.

Ultimately – your deck of cards should be a way to share your stories with others and create a way for the family to learn more about their ancestors. Although including a true photo of each person benefits your deck, if you don’t have one, your deck will still be a cherished memento for the rest of your family.