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What is Smart Assign and How Does it Work? - OurCards

Smart Assign is a feature of OurCards that automatically assigns people from your family tree to cards, in a structured and intelligent way.

In order to use Smart Assign, you must:

  1. Import your family tree from Ancestry or MyHeritage (other genealogical sites will be compatible with Smart Assign later).
  2. Define a focal (primary) person for your deck (very often, it’s a parent or grandparent of yours).
  3. Indicate which card you’d like that focal person assigned to.
  4. Indicate what content you’d like displayed on each card – simply their name and photo only or their full complement of genealogical data (birth year, spouse’s name, parents’ names, etc.).

Once you’ve completed those 4 steps and clicked “Assign”, Smart Assign will identify the people closest to the primary person (spouse, children, parents, grandparents, grandchildren, etc.) and automatically assign them to cards. It’s smart, because it picks up those relationships from the file you imported from your genealogy site.

Please note – there are a couple of things you should note about Smart Assign: