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Why doesn't the person data display on the card (even though I know some was imported)? - OurCards
Occasionally people find that a Birth Year or Spouse’s Name does not appear on the card, even though they know the data is there. OurCards is designed to allow users to include or exclude whatever data they’d like and later make the validation process intelligent.

Essentially, a field will only display on a card if it is checked off in the “Optional Fields” dialog box for that card. To see if that field is checked, click the “Pencil” to edit the card’s data. Display the card’s Optional Fields (by clicking on the “+” sign) and you’ll see a window like the one below. Only those fields with a “red check” are displayed on the card. If a field does NOT have a red check, click on it to enable the field and enter the data you’d like displayed on the card.