Privacy Policy

Last Updated: sept 13, 2018

At OurCards, your privacy is a top priority. OurCards is committed to being a good steward of your Personal Information, handling it in a responsible manner and securing it with administrative, technical, and physical safeguards.

We also believe in being honest, direct and transparent when it comes to your data. OurCards follows three guiding principles when it comes to your privacy:

  • Transparency: We work hard to be transparent about what Personal Information we collect and process.

  • Simplicity: We try to use easy-to-understand language to describe our privacy practices to help you make informed choices.

  • Control: We give you control over the Personal Information you provide to us and how it is used, shared, and retained.

Other Important Considerations for You to Understand When You Use Our Services

When you populate your OurCards account with your card data - by means of automated extraction from existing genealogy websites, by uploading a gedcom file or manually uploading data and photos yourself - the data is yours to manage, update and edit. With this ownership of data, comes important responsibilities as indicated within the Terms of Use of our Service. The data you extract from other sources must be done so in accordance with the rules of the source website or social media service provider you select. Once the data is uploaded or imported into OurCards, you should feel confident and informed about how we use your Personal and Family & Friend Information. Our full Privacy Statement is below and we encourage you to read it.

Effective Date: October 5, 2018

1. Introduction

At OurCards, we bring family trees and social connections to life. As a result, we collect, process and store your Personal, Family & Friend information while using our website, mobile application, and services (collectively the “Services”). Personal Information is information that can identify you, such as your name, email or street address, or it may be information that could reasonably be linked back to you. Family & Friend Information is information related to people whom you include in your deck of cards (whether or not they are genetically or legally related to you). This Privacy Statement describes our practices for collecting, storing and processing your Personal and Family & Friend information as well as highlighting the controls we provide you to manage such data within our Services. In addition, we have a Cookie Policy that describes our use of browser cookies and similar tracking technologies which is considered a part of this Privacy Statement.

2. Account Creation and Your Engagement with OurCards Services

The Personal Information required to create a basic OurCards account is only your email address and a password. Alternatively, a client may use their Facebook or Google login to access the site. To build a customized deck of cards (or other products from OurCards) requires additional Personal and Family & Friend information, including payment details.

Account creation also requires you to agree to the OurCards Terms of Use and this Privacy Statement by clicking “I Accept” on the account creation page.

By clicking “I Accept,” you are telling us that you consent to OurCards collecting, processing, and sharing your Personal and Family & Friend Information as described in this Privacy Statement and in any other documents referenced in this Privacy Statement.

At any time, you can request that OurCards delete information you have uploaded into your account, such as your personal information, family data or photographs. Please see Section 10 for specific details about deleting your data.

If you no longer wish to have an OurCards account, you can do so by logging into your OurCards account, accessing the “MyStuff” page and selecting “Delete User” in the “About Me” section of that page. Deleting your user account will delete your account and any decks of cards you have created. Note, if you have orders pending (i.e. orders in the process of being printed or delivered), this will not cancel those pending orders. The terms and process to cancel one’s orders is described in section 10 of the Terms of Use.

3. What Information Does OurCards Collect From You?

The information below describes the data we collect from you to provide the OurCards Services. In this Privacy Statement, we refer to this as your “Personal Information.”

Account Information:

A client can choose to access OurCards by creating a user account or by using their Facebook or Google login. When using a Facebook or Google login to access OurCards, those login credentials are not accessible to OurCards and we abide by both Google’s and Facebook’s terms of use for their logins. When a client chooses to create their own OurCards login, they must provide a valid email address (which is validated at time of account creation) as well as a password.

Profile Information:

Once an OurCards account is created, we optionally collect the following Personal Information to create a user profile. Your Personal Information is not visible nor ever shared to other OurCards users.

  • Your first name and last name

  • Your email address

  • A password (if you created an OurCards account). This does not apply when you logged in with a Facebook or Google account

  • Your gender

  • Your birth date

  • ● Your photograph (if you choose to include one in the “My Stuff” section)

  • Which person you are within the deck (if at all)

Credit Card/Payment Information:

To facilitate ease of use for return clients, once a client purchases their products, their credit card payment information can be saved (although the default is to NOT store such details). If a customer chooses to store their credit card details, it is encrypted as a token and stored in the OurCards database. This encrypted token is stored with your account on OurCards, and can be removed by going to your Profile page and “unchecking” the box that indicates you’ve stored your credit card details.

Family & Friend Information:

Information you provide related to family members or other individuals you upload to create the OurCards custom products. Note - a standard card typically includes the following data items on a card:

  • First, Middle and Last Name

  • Birthday

  • Year of death (if applicable)

  • Parents names (including mother’s maiden name)

  • Spouse

  • Birth place (city, state, country)

  • Current residence (city, state, country)

  • Photographs (typically 2 per card)

  • One or 2 facts about the person

Most of the fields above are auto-populated by the extraction of the data from the 3rd party source (i.e. the family tree website or social media site, such as Facebook). Each field is optional and the client - while building the deck - can edit each as they see fit. Please note, although these are the standard data elements displayed on the cards, additional data may be necessary to extract to derive family relationships (e.g. spouse, parents, etc.) but will not necessarily be displayed.

Once the deck is created and the order is submitted, the data and photographs are digitally stored to allow for proper printing of the OurCards products. To improve the prospect of editing existing decks for later orders, we may retain this data for your account. For instance, if you ordered a deck and later family events have changed the family make up (births, deaths, marriages, etc.), we would like to allow you to retain much of the data you used to create your original deck and not have to re-enter it.

Genetic Information (DNA Testing Results)

OurCards does NOT provide genetic testing services for its clients. Nor does it extract DNA data from vendors who do. OurCards has no interest in providing such tests and, given the nature of our products, has no practical need for DNA data. Therefore, we do not capture any DNA results from the sources we engage with.

Social Media Information

As noted, OurCards interacts with certain social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, Google and more. The following highlights the purpose for each:

  • Facebook and Google Logins: If you use Facebook or Google to log into OurCards, we collect information from your Facebook or Google profile to provide information for the OurCards Account and Profile Information profile (see Account and Profile Information sections above).

  • Facebook Photos: An OurCards client can access their Facebook account and upload photographs that are stored there. The client will then be able to use these photos in their deck of cards or other OurCards products.

  • Facebook Friends: OurCards allows for a client to invite friends on Facebook to appear in their cards. By agreeing, the Facebook friend confirms that certain fields on Facebook will be provided to help create the client’s deck. Such data items include, Name, Photo(s), Current Address, Birth Date and other fields related to the fields typically populated onto a card (see above). Of course, if the Friend has not populated those data elements in their Social Media site, they will not be available to populate a client’s deck.

  • Facebook Sharing: After creating a deck, clients are invited to Share their achievement on Facebook. By doing so, a copy of their deck and sample card (with client data and photos) will be posted to that client’s Facebook page.

  • Additional User Information: We will collect additional information that you provide to us when you answer email surveys or online questionnaires offered through the Services and marketing campaigns.

  • Your Communications: Your one on one communications with other OurCards users through our communications features (including blogs, online forums, etc.), as well as information you provide in communications with OurCards Support or Member Services.

  • Contests and Promotions: We will store personal Information when you voluntarily participate in contests and special promotions we run through our Services.

4. What Information Does OurCards Collect Through Your Use of the Services?
Computer and Mobile Device Information:

Information about how you access our Services, including the website you visited before and after OurCards’ site

The Internet protocol (“IP”) address of your computer, mobile device, or the proxy server that you use to access the Internet, in addition to other technical information, such as:

  • Your computer operating system, and your web browser

  • Your mobile device identifier provided by your mobile device operating system and your mobile operating system

  • The name of your internet service provider or mobile carrier.

  • Information from Cookies and similar technologies as described in our Cookie Policy. Please refer to our cookie policy to learn about our practices and the controls we provide you

  • Information shared through social media features

  • If you interact with social media through the Services, for example “Like,” “Tweet,” “Pin,” or “Follow Us” links to sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube, OurCards will collect these interactions and whatever account information these services make available to us.

  • Your interactions with these features are governed by the privacy statement of the applicable third party company

  • Information from your use of the Services: Information about your use of the Services, such as when you search or access records or family trees, which pages you view or links you click on, or when you add people to yourcards, etc

5. Information We Collect From Other Sources
Information from Third Parties:

As part of the data assembly process to create OurCards products (decks of cards or other related items), clients may import data from other third parties, including (but not limited to),,, and The extraction process can be performed using an API, by manually uploading photos or gedcom files.

  • API Extractions: Some third parties support an automated manner of extracting data, photographs and digital images (documents) from their product. These third parties do so by providing an API (Application Programming Interface). The API requires that the client enter their credentials (userid and password) for their system. Such credentials are NOT visible to OurCards and OurCards is NOT able to store them. Once authentication is completed, the third party provides the Family Information data via the API and it is then stored within the OurCards databases. Fields Extracted via API: Although OurCards typically displays a person’s name, birth year, death year, birth location, death location, parents names and spouse’s name on a playing card, OurCards may extract additional data elements to derive the content of the cards or to augment facts associated to that person. OurCards will never extract DNA related data from a third party provider.

  • Gedcom Uploads: Some OurCards clients may have stored their family tree data on genealogical websites that do not support an API extraction. A gedcom file is a genealogical industry-recognized file in which data is stored (using industry standards) and is designed to allow genealogists to download and share their data. In such a case, OurCards users will be guided through the process to download a gedcom file from their preferred Family Tree website and upload that Gedcom file to OurCards. The data uploaded from the Gedcom file will be stored within the OurCards databases to support the creation of the deck. Gedcom files do not include photographic or digital images, but DO include links to such files. The Gedcom upload process may include an automated extraction of the photographs linked via the Gedcom - these photographs are also stored within the OurCards database.

  • Manual entries or uploads:

    • Photographs and Digital Documents: Users can extract photographs from their own computer, their personal cloud, Social Networks or emails. Once uploaded to OurCards, the images may be modified to improve storage or fit within the visual display of OurCards or the resulting playing cards. These photographs and/or resulting (edited) photographs or digital documents will be stored indefinitely within the OurCards database.

    • Family & Friend Information/Data: Users can enter personal information related to people or other entries within their deck (or associated OurCards products). This information may be used to augment data that was originally sourced via the API, gedcom files, or it may simply include new entries that were not available from the genealogical tree data that they extracted. For instance, the genealogy tree provider may not include a person’s current residence and therefore it is not automatically available to OurCards. However, the OurCards client may choose to enter that person’s Current Residence manually. This data will also be stored within the OurCards databases indefinitely

  • Gift Subscription Data: If you purchase a gift subscription, we will collect Personal Information (e.g. email address, home address, etc.) to complete the gift and notify the recipient.

6. How does OurCards use your Personal and Family Information?
Personal and Family & Friends Information (generally):

We use your Personal and Family & Friends Information to provide, personalize, improve, update and expand our Services. This includes:

  • Supporting your creation of OurCards products

  • Authenticating your access to the Services and improving OurCards information security

  • Processing your payments

  • Building new and improving existing products and Services

  • Issuing surveys and questionnaires to collect Additional User Information for use in the Services, as well as facilitating product development and research initiatives

  • Conducting scientific, statistical, and historical research

  • Detecting and protecting against error, fraud, or other criminal or malicious activity and enforcing our Terms of Use


We use your Personal Information to communicate with you about the Services, such as when we:

  • Respond to your inquiries to Member Services

  • Inform you of product changes or new products and services

  • Optionally notify you that one of your friends or relatives will be celebrating a special event in the near future (e.g. birthday, anniversary, etc.);

  • Ask you to participate in OurCards media productions or testimonials

  • Provide you with information or request action in response to technical, security, and other operational issues.

Market new products and offers from us or our business partners:

We use your Personal Information to market new products and offers from us or our business partners. This includes advertising personalized to you based on your interests. Note: You can control how we market to you by using the unsubscribe link in any email you receive.

7. When Do We Share Your Information and Who are the Recipients?

OurCards does not share your Personal or Family & Friend Information with third-parties without your additional consent other than those described in this Privacy Statement. The circumstances described below explain when sharing might occur:

Your Choice: You choose to share your data with other OurCards Users within the OurCards blog, user reviews, etc.

Service Providers: We use other companies to help us provide the Services to you. As a result, these partner companies will have some of your information in their systems. Our partners are subject to contractual obligations governing data security and confidentiality consistent with this Privacy Statement and applicable laws.

These processing partners include our:

  • Printers

  • Payment processors

  • Application development teams

  • Cloud services infrastructure providers (such as Amazon Web Services)

  • Vendors that assist us in marketing; analytics, and fraud prevention

  • Some Member Services functions

Legal or Regulatory Process

We may share your Personal Information if we believe it is reasonably necessary to:

  • Comply with valid legal process (e.g., subpoenas, warrants)

  • Enforce or apply the OurCards Terms and Conditions

  • Protect the security or integrity of the Services

  • Protect the rights, property, or safety, of OurCards, our employees or users

If we are compelled to disclose your Personal or Family & Friend Information to law enforcement, we will do our best to provide you with advance notice, unless we are prohibited under the law from doing so.

If OurCards is Acquired:

If OurCards or its businesses are acquired or transferred (including in connection with bankruptcy or similar proceedings), we will share your Personal and Family & Friend Information with the acquiring or receiving entity. The promises in this Privacy Statement will continue to apply to your Personal and Family Information that is transferred to the new entity.

A note about aggregated data:

OurCards may disclose user information in an aggregated form as part of the Services or our marketing, or in scientific publications published by us or our research partners. For example, we might note the percentage of clients in a State that are from a particular geographic region or country. Such disclosure will never include Personal or Family & Friend Information.

8. Your Choices and Access to Your Personal and Family Information

Subject to certain exceptions, you have a right to request access to your Personal and Family & Friend Information and to be provided with a copy of certain information you provided in a portable form, as well as to seek to update, delete or correct this information by using the tools described below or by contacting OurCards. Details and options for accessing this information are listed below.


You can access and update the Personal Information (such as your email address, username, profile information, etc.) that you provide to OurCards at any time in the About Me section (on the “My Stuff” page) in OurCards.


If you do not want us to use data about your interests or behaviors to serve you targeted ads, you may change your settings as described in our Cookie Policy. For information on “Do Not Track” please see our Cookie Policy.

Family Tree Information Download:

At the moment, OurCards does not allow you to download your family tree information in the standard gedcom family tree file format.

9. What are OurCards’ retention practices?

OurCards services are fundamentally premised on the notion that families and other networks of people evolve over time. Furthermore, the process to assemble a deck of playing cards can take time. As a result, OurCards’ retention practices reflect this ongoing value by retaining user accounts on our system until our users inform us of their desire to delete their data or close their accounts. That said, OurCards will periodically assess usage patterns of its clients and may determine that an account is no longer in use and may choose to delete that account if it hasn’t been accessed or updated during a certain period of time (currently 6 months).

Your Account:

OurCards will retain the Personal Information you provide while creating your account until such time as you choose to delete it or we deem it inactive.

Family & Friend Data:

Due to the multi-generational significance of family trees, OurCards will retain your family tree data as needed to provide you with continuous access, ease of creating a new deck based on data from prior orders, updated features, and the ability to enhance your family tree.

Usage Information:

In some cases we choose to retain usage information (e.g., visits to sites) in a depersonalized or aggregated form. Once aggregated, this information ceases to be personal and will not be subject to OurCards user deletion requests.

10. How can I delete my Personal or Family & Friend Information?

You can remove all of your Personal and Family & Friend Information by simply deleting your account on OurCards. If you would like to maintain your account, but remove certain aspects of your Personal or Family & Friend data, you can do so by performing the following:

Personal Information:

Within your account’s Profile section, remove the data you entered. The only way to remove your email address (which doubles as your userid) or previously saved credit card details is to delete your account.

Family & Friend Information:

is retrieved when you extract it from third party providers (i.e. the genealogy websites or Facebook). Once retrieved, your Family & Friend Information is stored in the OurCards databases. As clients can take time to create decks of cards, this data is stored indefinitely. Furthermore, if clients would like to edit previously submitted decks (due to births, deaths, marriages, etc. in the family), we store the Family and Friend data previously provided so users can easily access, update and reorder a new deck.

If you require assistance deleting Personal or Family & Friend Information you provided as part of your profile, cards, deck or from our blog or community forum, please submit a deletion request, including your name, userid, the exact data you would like deleted as it appears on OurCards, and the URL (if a blog entry) to our team. Deletion of these records from OurCards will not affect their existence on the genealogy or social media sites from which they were extracted.

Some of your Personal or Family & Friend Information may be included in other OurCards members’ data sets (e.g. a different family member creating their own deck of cards which includes you). In this case, that information will only be removed if the other OurCards member requests that it be deleted.

General: Please note that there may be some latency in deleting your Personal Information from our backup systems after it has been deleted from our production, development, analytics, and research systems.

11. Security

OurCards maintains a comprehensive information security program designed to protect our customers’ Personal and Family & Friend Information using administrative, physical, and technical safeguards.

The specific security measures used are based on the sensitivity of the Personal and Family & Friend Information collected. We have measures in place to protect against inappropriate access, loss, misuse, or alteration of the information under our control.

OurCards’s Security Team regularly reviews our security and privacy practices and enhances them as necessary to help ensure the integrity of our systems and your information. We use secure server software to encrypt Personal and Family & Friend Information, and we only partner with security companies that meet and commit to our security standards. While we cannot guarantee that loss, misuse or alteration of data will not occur, we use reasonable efforts to prevent this.

It is also important for you to guard against unauthorized access to your Personal Information by maintaining strong passwords and protecting against the unauthorized use of your own computer or device.

12. Data Transfer

Any transfer of your Personal or Family & Friend Information between OurCards’s US and its development teams overseas is conducted pursuant to established transfer mechanisms such as Standard Contractual Clauses.

13. Changes to this Statement

We may modify this Privacy Statement at any time, but we will provide prominent advance notice of any material changes to this Statement, such as posting a notice through the Services, on our websites, or sending you an email, to provide you the opportunity to review the changes and choose whether to continue using the Services. We will also notify you of non-material changes to this Statement as of their effective date by posting a notice through the Services, on our websites, or sending you an email. Your continued use of our Services after notice of non-material changes means that you consent to the updated Privacy Statement.

If you object to any changes, you may delete your account by contacting us at

14. California’s Shine the Light Law

California Civil Code Section 1798.83, known as the “Shine the Light” law, permits Users who are California residents to request and obtain from us a list of what Personal Information (if any) we disclosed to third parties for their direct marketing purposes in the preceding calendar year and the names and addresses of those third parties. Requests may be made only once a year and are free of charge. Under Section 1798.83, OurCards currently does not share any Personal Information with third parties for their own direct marketing purposes.

15. Legal basis under EU General Data Protection Regulation for processing personal information of EU residents

Where you have consented to data processing, your consent provides the legal basis to process your Personal and Family & Friend Information. You have the right to withdraw consent at any time. Please note that your withdrawal of consent to collect and process your Personal or Family & Friend Information will not affect the lawfulness of processing your Personal or Family & Friend Information based on your consent before you withdrew your consent.

We may also process your Personal Information on the basis of contractual necessity to perform a contract we have with you. For example, we process your credit card details when you provide them in order to purchase OurCards playing cards or other products.

We may also process your Personal Information on the basis of our legitimate interests, including in providing and improving the Services. For example, OurCards has a legitimate interest in understanding your login history so we can assess your interaction with our Services. We also have a legitimate interest in providing and developing interesting features to provide to our users. We use your Personal Information to keep our Services safe and secure and we do so as is necessary to pursue your and our legitimate interests in ensuring that our Services are secure, and to protect against fraud, spam and abuse.

Where we rely on legitimate interests to process your Personal or Family & Friend Information, you have the right to object to such processing (meaning that you can ask us to stop). You can do so by contacting us, using the details below, or by deleting your account.

16. Identity and Contact Details of the DataController

OurCards, LLC is responsible for the use of your data and for responding to any requests related to your Personal or Family & Friend Information. Contact email:

Official correspondence must be sent via postal mail to:

OurCards, LLC
Attention: Data Policy Officer
PO Box 766
Dracut, MA 01826