As with most printed material, the better the resolution of the image, the better it will display on the finished product. We recognize that you may not have multiple photographs of your ancestors, so we’re aware that you’re limited by your choices. Furthermore, playing cards – by their nature – are small (3 1/2″ x 2 1/2″) and the photos are smaller than that, so resolution problems or “graininess” will be less noticeable than had you printed the photograph as an 8″ x 10″ portrait. Nevertheless, we’ve found that images with resolution below 300 x 300 are not ideal for your deck of cards.

Photos that exceed a certain size can cause problems in the upload, storage and printing processes of OurCards, so we must limit photo sizes to less than 5 mb.

The photo album allows you to upload up to 104 photos at a time to a total of 200 photos within the album. If you need to add photos but your album is at the limit of 200 photos, you’ll need to delete some photos from your album. Don’t worry, once you’ve assigned a photo to a card, it will NOT be removed if you delete it from your album.

Lastly, we encourage people to use the cropping tool (see below) to rotate and size the images appropriately. Cropping ensures the photo’s proportions are correct for the final deck.